Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pedro needs a retrofit...

I'm taking Pedro back to the hospital in a hour or so to get a new cast on his foot and ankle. It's just been a little over a week and he's annihilated the old cast. It's held together right now with duct tape. Actually Pedro looks pretty good in duct tape!


We've been blessed the past 10 days to two weeks with some new visitors...wild toucans have been stopping by to perch on our porch roof! We've tried to get pictures, but they're pretty spooked and getting close enough to get a picture that you can see just hasn't happened yet. They are beautiful and just make you smile at God's handiwork when you get a chance to observe them.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Many thanks...

Thanks to all who prayed for my speedy recovery from Dengue...I was blessed to have a lesser strain and it passed through my body much quicker than previous bouts, and for that I am very grateful. It was no doubt due to your faithfulness.

I also request prayers for Joyce and I on a personal basis...we are undergoing spiritual attacks unlike anything we've ever faced and we believe it is a result of our attempting to stir up interest in what we believe to be a new vision from the Lord. The enemy caused us to stumble a bit today, but by the power of the Holy Spirit we're back on track and resolved to see this through to completion. Pray for the 'rebuilding of a pueblo' - Buen Esperanza!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Prayer Request

Please pray for Bob. Currently, he is very sick. He and Joyce fear that it may be Dengue Fever (which is contracted through mosquitoes). He has aches all over his body, bloodshot eyes, high fever, cramps, etc. Please pray for healing.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Will's Honduras Update 11/19/11

As of this past Tuesday, Bob and Joyce have been back in Honduras. While in the States, they worked, and worked, and worked. In other words, they didn't get much time to just enjoy each other's company or to relax (which is what they needed to do). They were repairing the house and fixing it up so they could rent it out. They did get to catch up a little bit with some of their friends in the States and they really loved those opportunities. They were truly homesick....and still are. They could've easily stayed there but because they love Christ...they continue to do what He told them to do even if they are fed up with the way the things are in this country, or the fact that they are tired (physically and mentally). Pray that one day...they will be able to just have time together.

Jay and Jen were such a great help for me. In many ways. They were encouragers, examples, and much more. They ministered to me in many ways they will never know. For me, it was hard to see them go. From the very beginning, they supported me and believed in me even when some of those close to me thought I was crazy. I knew what God told me to do and they believed me. In terms of parenting, what really learned from them was the process of discipline. Before, I would just address the situation then carry out the punishment. Now, I've realized the importance of showing love during the act of punishing and the restoration after the punishment is carried out. I also learned how I could improve my devotions with the children when I do conduct them in the mornings.

Something else that I've learned is the fact that the kid's do not view me as a figure of authority but as a big brother. That is in one way very heart-warming (because it shows that I have won their hearts finally), but in another frustrating (especially when it comes to the oldest child) because they think they can just run over me and do what they please or, because it is not from Bob's mouth (gospel to their ears) they do not necessarily have to obey. Those two weeks were by no means difficult for me physically because Bob and Joyce had taken care of alot of things prior to leaving and had me put some things off until their return. It was however, very hard for me mentally and emotionally. I probably would have gone crazy if I did not have the Sipes here with me. I now have a TON of respect for the single mothers (or fathers) that singlehandedly raise children. It is hard and it just tears you down in ways you never thought it would.

The last couple of weeks, I have found myself missing my friends, family, and church back in Tellico. I miss playing college football with Brandon, laughing so hard with Tim and Katie that I couldn't breath, Hanging out with Patrick and Paige, hearing Chris' corney jokes, throwing the football with Josh after church, talking with Jonny, seeing Richard, hearing Danielle's laugh, my mom, my dad....and the words "I Love You". I hear them from Alba and everytime I do it makes my day brighter....but sometimes, it is hard saying those words and not hearing "I Love You Too" from the children. I pray one day, that I can hear those words come from their mouths. I know they love me (their actions show it) but how much sweeter would it be if it came from their mouths! :)

Finally, I just want to thank all of you. It has been almost a year now and I have been here all because of YOU. There is so much more I want to say but this update is long enough. HAHA.

Thank you all for making me a better man. Because of you praying for me and supporting me...I am experiencing things both spiritually and physically that God is using to grow me into the man He wants me to be.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Pedro thanks you...

Pedro had his surgery this morning and he came through it with flying colors and he wants to say, "thank you for your prayers". He walked out of the hospital in his new knee-high cast which he will have to wear for the next 6 weeks, but he is relatively pain-free and in good spirits.

Thank you for blessing Pedro with your prayers.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


We're back 'home' in Honduras and reunited with our children...and Will. The kids were as excited to see us as we were them and they made a great banner and hung it inside the house to welcome us home.

It's funny that after being out for only two weeks the heat seems to be oppressive to us...and it's really quite nice. Just too much change I guess. We don't have much time to drag our feet...we have a meeting a school today for one of the kids, tomorrow our daughter Nicole, son-in-law Bob, and their children Page, Celia, & Noah arrive for a week; and on Friday Pedro has a repeat surgery on his Achilles tendon. And of course, there are all the bills to be paid...that will take a day of running around. Next week we're doing outreaches with Nicole and family, taking the children's 5th & 6th grade classes to do a Thanksgiving outreach in a remote pueblo and helping two other ministries in the area.

We got tons of work done on our property in TN while we were home, but we're still experiencing a problem with our well. Hopefully it 's being worked on today...pray for our well.

All the kids are in good shape thanks to the Sipes, Will, and Miss Louie (one of the kids teachers who helped out after the Sipes left). Mauricio will get his braces soon, hopefully this week and then we'll start thinking about Rosa.

Thanks for blessing us with your prayers, your labors, and your financial sacrifices!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

More Smokey Mountain news...

Last evening Joyce and I picked up our daughter, Nicole, at the airport as she arrived to spend the next week helping us get 'rent-ready'. Today my pastor and I cut down a very large tree that was severely hung up in other trees and a danger to our power lines. It took some work but it's done now. We also got another load of stone for road and it's starting to look pretty good. Tomorrow I hope the get the culvert cemented and the 'spillways' to direct the run-off.

Joyce and Nicole spent the morning doing some needed shopping and came home with the pavers for a new sidewalk. Tonight the three of us got the ground leveled and pavers set in place. Pretty good day.

We're all pretty whipped, so I suspect it will be an early turn-in tonight.

Blessings to all......

Monday, November 7, 2011

Will's Honduras Update 11/7/2011

Things here have been good. The Sipes have been a TREMENDOUS help and I am really learning how to handle some things (in terms of working with kids) just from observing them. Since I haven't really had to think about doing what I can for Bob and Joyce I have been able to focus more on the children and I have begun to pick up more on their personalities. It is so cool to see how the kids have changed for the better in some areas of their personalities and in their lives.

Tuesday: I dropped Bob and Joyce off at the airport

Tuesday-Thursday: From lunch until late in the afternoon the Sipes helped the kids focus on their studies while I tried to put together a sermon for Sunday. That was a HUGE relief off of my back.

Friday: The kids finished their tests which meant.....NO MORE STUDYING and time for some well earned fun! That night, we all took the kids to the nearby mall and let them play games for a little bit and they all had a great time. Alba joined us and she had a fun time as well. After, Jen and the kids watch a movie called "Hotel for Dogs" while Jay and I talked for quite a while about Christ, God's Sovereignty, our testimonies, and much more.

Saturday: There was a lot of driving back and forth. First, I had to take Mauricio and Rosa to art class, then I picked them up from, after that I took Fabi to her class and picked her up an hour later. After all of that, Jay, Jen, and I took the kids to their play practice and after that, a family from the church we attend took the kids out to pizza hut to give the three of us a break (which was very kind and nice of them). The three of used the time to relax. I grabbed Jay and Jen a pizza then Alba and I went out for a quick bite to eat at Baleadas Express. Pretty neat when you can get a bite to eat for $3!!! It was a time that Alba and I really needed together and we were able to talk and she was able to encourage me so overall it was great. After, Mauricio and I played with the cat then went to bed.

Sunday: I preached for the second time and it was on Mark 14:3-9. After Church, we took the kids out to lunch then came home, the kids then helped Jen make tye-dye cupcakes, We then ate tiny hamburgers and watched the movie "Blindside" that Jay and Jen had brought down for the kids to see.

Overall it has been a good time. Bob and Joyce are hard at work in TN so please pray for them that they will have some time to relax as well.

Here are some pics from throughout the week:

"The cat dishing out some of Mauricio's own medicine"

"Celebrating Angels birthday (again) on Thursday"

"There was so much studying that the cat was even wore out!"

"Jen playing Uno with Rosa while Cesar is performing a wordsearch"

"A very deep game of cards going on here!"

Friday, November 4, 2011

In the Smokies...

Joyce and I are back home in our TN. mountains and loving the beauty of the fall colors. It's a lot colder than we're used to, but actually from the middle of the morning on it's pretty enjoyable. We'
re getting rain today so it curtails my outdoor work around the house. Not to worry, Joyce finds lots of 'honey-do' lists for me whether it's inside or out. We're making progress on the house and the grounds, but still have a long ways to go...we'll get there with God's help.

Missing our children...we spoke with them last night and they're all doing well. They have bonded instantly with the Sipes and that's a big relief for us. Will, Jay, and Jen are being kept busy conducting 'study halls' all this week for mid-term testing. I'm sure they and the kids are glad it's Friday!

Please continue to pray for Robin Demboski to receive a kidney transplant!!!