Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rains, breakdowns, no shows, but blessings!!!

The cold and the rains continue here (not cold like you're having up there, but cold for us nonetheless) - yesterday I dragged the air compressor and drill rig 3 hours into the mountains to drill and once there and set-up the air compressor came up w/a new problem, so we hauled it back to town so the authorized dealer can look at it when they go back to work next year (we did test it before we left and thought everything was working fine) - last night a group of college kids who had visited our children before called and asked if they could come visit the kids today. Certainly, when? 9:00 a.m.....they never showed, never called and the kids are left wondering why? - still trying to get the house ready; we're making great progress, but just when you think you can get it all done a couple of workmen just fail to show up..Honduras


In the midst of it all we are incredibly blessed! Joyce and I, and then us and the children were discussing this morning after bible study how the Lord has provided for us and how we never dreamed we might be able to live in a house like we have now. Think of it; 7 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms...it's awesome and it's all God...and you! Yesterday a gal from our church who has a ministry of helping orphanages took Joyce and the kids to town and bought everyone new sneakers! All God!

Thanks again for your incredible support and your more incredible prayers on our behalf,
Mauricio, Fabiola, Antonio, Rosa, Cesar, Angel, Pedro, Joyce, and myself

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Back again.......

Sorry we've been away for so long, but it has been a hectic two weeks. We moved into our new home on the 15th of December and it has been the sound of impact drills, hammers & chisels, dust dirt, water leaking through ceilings all while trying to find a home for all the boxes that a family of 9 accumulate. We didn't have internet for the first 8 days, so that's my first excuse for not writing.

You know the saying, "all that glitters is not gold"...well that's the condition we found our new house in. The biggest headache was our shower leaked through the ceiling into Antonio's room soaking everything in, including all his clothes. It took 10 days of impact drills and hammer and chisel to get through the solid cement ceiling to find the water leak (think noise and dust), but finally they found it, repaired it, and soon the ceiling will be repaired as well. We've had leaky faucets and valves, burned out heater elements, faulty lights and fans just to mention a few things. We still have workmen here all day everyday and that doesn't help us to get things a home!

But we do have much more space: Antonio, Rosa, & Fabiola have rooms of their own while Mauricio & Angel share a room w/a bath and Cesar & Pedro share a room, but must use the bath in the next room. When we finally get settled we will be in a much, much better place. The location is great...we're twice as close to things as we were in old home and the travel is much safer and quicker...no traffic jams.

Things don't work the same here as in the U.S...all the things I mentioned to you earlier that were faulty, we're paying to get fixed...if you want it fixed, you fix it. The unexpected expenses left us short on our Christmas, but you wouldn't know it to watch the kids open presents this morning. It almost brought tears to my eyes to see such joy in them while remembering where they came from. God has truly blessed them. We actually got through the day without one major flare-up. We had the usual toys broken five minutes after opening, but no major problems, no whippings. Makes me think I'm getting soft!

BAD TRANSLATION: Some friends at church gave Joyce money to get her hair done before Christmas...you know, make the grey go away. They took her to a new beauty shop and one of them told the gal what Joyce wanted and then left. Two hours later I got a phone call from Joyce who said, "Bob, I'm coming home; don't be frightened." I didn't know what that meant, but as soon as I saw her I figured it out.

She came in the door with a black plastic bag wrapped around her head and two holes punched in it for eyes. She wouldn't take it off, she just kept saying you won't believe it. Finally she removed the bag and I wasn't sure it was her...her hair was a cross between black, brown, and red...I don't know how to tell you what color it was, but it definitely wasn't blonde. She brought home a home dye package determined to get back to her 'natural' color....but, it didn't do anything to her hair. The next morning our tutor took her to the biggest beauty salon I've ever seen; there must've been 40 chairs! The first dye job didn't take again, so she got another. This time it lightened the hair enough to where I tell my wife was in the house! Believe me, when mama isn't happy with her hair job; nobody's happy!

Last night I was one person in a two person play at the church. It was pretty long so there was a lot of 'line-learning' to do and Fabiola was my training mate. She ended up knowing the play as as good as me. Tomorrow I'm preaching, so it's been a busy few days.

Thanks for all your support and all our prayers...we're grateful for your presence in our lives,
Bob, Joyce, & Kids

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Moving, moving, moving...

For the past 3 days we have been busy moving from our house here in Campisa to our new home in Jardines del Valle. Literally all of us have been moving...the kids have been doing a great job of helping, even the little guys.

There's still lots to do and it will keep us busy for some time to come to get everything moved and then into it's correct place, but we are looking forward to the change. Wednesday is our move-in day and we have help coming from some of the men from our church to move the beds and appliances.

Maybe we'll open a new business in Honduras....Coder's Kids: You have it, we'll haul it!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

More sick call....

I just spent the last two hours in the emergency room w/Angel...104% temperature. They gave him an IV and did a blood test. He has a viral infection and they gave him some additional meds to start on tomorrow.

He is a real trooper...he's been through this enough times that he knows the IV is coming and of course, the fear builds up in him. But he lets out a little cry on the first prick and then that's it. He's fine after that...tough little bugger!

Sick call...again!

Nothing alarming, but we do have half of the kids sick with runny noses, coughs, sore throats, fevers, vomiting, etc. I've been to the pharmacy and we have the meds and they are taking them, so hopefully all will be well again in a matter of days.

All prayers are accepted for :Rosa, Pedro, Angel; and for the rest of us not to contract whatever this is.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Saga continues...

Today I went back to Transito (traffic court) to pick up my 'constancia' and, of course, it wasn't ready. However, this time I only waited about 1/2 hour before the lady got into see the Jefe to get his signature. Amazingly today, he had time to sign it. Now it was on to the insurance office to fill out more papers which they couldn't find immediately. After that I had to go get two estimates even though the car has to go back to the dealer for repair because of the warranty. Then I'm tolk after the insurance company receives the estimates (I don't take them; they send them) I can go there and pay my deductible! Lovely, isn't it?

Now it's off to the theatre with all the kids...someone gave the kids, plus Joyce and I tickets to some type of play tonight...I hope it's in English!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Justice always prevails...

It's true that justice always prevails even here in Honduras...it just sometimes takes an unbelievably long time.

Today I went back to Transito (traffic court) to pick up my 'constancia' or the judicial report of my accident which was 10 days ago. The hearing was last Tuesday and I was declared to be NOT at fault, but told I couldn't get any insurance work done until I picked up my 'constancia' today.

After waiting for one hour I finally got to speak w/ el jefe (the chief). He told me my constancia had not been signed (by him) and I could come back tomorrow to pick it up!!!! Apparently he was too busy to sign his name today....imagine that!

Jackets, sweaters, hooded sweatshirts...

I know it's not as cold here as it is wherever you may be, but it is all relative and here in Honduras we are COLD! The kids and me all have long sleeves on and we're sitting here in the house cold. As you would guess there is no heat in the homes in Honduras and we're cold. The rains are still with us daily and there seems to be no relief in sight...this year rainy season really is rainy season.

As uncomfortable as we may be I cannot imagine living in one of the pieced together tin shacks on the 'bordo', the river banks, or in the hundreds of poor villages in the country. Sometimes it's difficult to come to peace with the conditions of this world and the conditions of the poor around the world. Living in a tin/wood/cardboard shack w/dirt floors(w/all the rain more probably mud floors), no electricity, no running water, and worst of all...no hope! How do they cope? Their only hope is for us to bring them the Light of Jesus and on a cold and damp morning that call seems particularly relevant to me. PRAY, GIVE, GO!!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ready for the Big Stage...

Last night we all went to the theater to watch Fabiola and Rosa perform on the 'Big Stage'! They both did great jobs and now have 4 more performances to pull off, including one tonight. The girls were pleased to see that 5 people from our church made the trip to watch them. They've come a long, long way in 1-1/2 years!

Like new....

A couple in our church (Tara & Jorge) have a ministry of helps to other ministries and when they visited us once and saw the condition of our couches they decided we needed help! So, they had them re-stuffed and re-covered and now they're clean and cushiony! In addition they gave us a ton of fruits and vegetables. God continues to provide for us in these lean times. Bless you Tara & Jorge!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Cold, Rain, & Family Outings...

The cold and the rain continue here in Honduras without any let-up. It's long sleeves and long pants everyday and that's just hard to believe for here...on top of that it's still raining everyday.

Last night was the girls (Fabiola & Rosa) first night of dance recital and Joyce took them and stayed through the performance w/them. (6-10 p.m.) Meanwhile I took the other 5 to KFC for a fundraiser for the school that Fabi, Mauricio, and Angel attend. They had a great time in the huge indoor playground since most of their school chums were there to play with. The deal was we all bought our dinners and the school got a percentage of the cost of the meals. Our time was shorter (5-8) but I guarantee it was much, much louder.

Tonight Joyce will take the girls to dance and I will bring the rest of the crew so we can all watch the girls.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I shouldn't say this but...

I know that living in San Pedro Sula I'll regret saying this, but today................................I'm cold!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rain, rain, rain.......

The rains just keep coming; day after day, after day, after day....everyday! I've been hoping to get at least one more well done before we move on the 15th to help offset the expenses, but it isn't looking good.

I thought we could really help ourselves with two wells before the 15th, but now it's beginning to look like we won't get any done. Satan never tires of 'messing' with our finances; it seems he doesn't realize we work for JEHOVAH JIREH!