Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sleep well little child...

Thanks  to a donation from Orphan's Heart we were able to purchase and assemble 9 bunk bed sets or 18 beds for children of the village who will be moving into their new homes this week!!!

Wonder who gets the top bunk?

Some weren't so little....

So eager to hit his new bed he's a blur!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

And one more time...thanks to all who provided...

The trip to Roatan was one of the highlights of our lives over these past 3-1/2 years together. Again thanks to Linda Coello, our Cepudo partner, to Joseph Natale, owner of Club Natale, who provided free lodging, and to Mandy Wagner of Anthony's Key Resort who granted the children a free experience they'll never forget in the dolphin encounter! These three made it possible for us to take the kids on an adventure that otherwise would never have happened! One of the ways God blesses us is by the people He puts in our paths...thank you, God, for these three!!!

Limbo championship...

Fabiola leads off the Limbo Championship!

Mauricio follows undaunted!

Mama Joyce takes up the challenge!

1st one out...Mama!

Fabi lowers the bar!

Mauricio meets the challenge!

Second one out...Fabi!

And the new Limbo King...Mauricio!

Native palm tree climbers???

Cesar makin' it look easy!

Angel says, "Hey I can do that too!"

Pedro, "This hurts my feet!"

Fabiola looks confident!

She's headed where no man has gone before!

"No way, I'm not jumping down!"

"I knew it was gonna hurt!"

Ocean kayaking

Mauricio & Fabiola heading out to sea!

Mauricio takes off on his own looking like a seasoned veteran!

Fabi's in open water!

Cesar gives the older two a shove off into blue waters!

Fabi heads into a breaking wave...

And crashes down on the other side!

While Mauricio figures out an easier way!

Dolphin encounter

Our recent trip to Roatan had everything you could think of including Cesar & Pedro 'capturing' a dolphin!

Cesar gets smooched!

Pedro decides to 'pucker up' as well!

These dolphins must be slow; even Rosa & Fabiola caught one!

Rosa's first kiss...I think!

It better be Fabiola's first kiss as well!  

Mauricio & Angel catch up to a tail!

I hope that's a girl kissing Mauricio!

Angel says, "first kiss, no hands; next time I'm huggin' you"

Monday, August 20, 2012


This past week our family was blessed by God and friends to enjoy an incredible four days on Roatan, the exotic jewel of Honduras! As a result of a contact through Linda Coello, our Cepudo partner, we were granted free stay at Club Natale in Brickbay, Roatan. If you ever make it to Roatan be sure to look up Joseph Natale at Club Natale in Brickbay; he's a great host with great facilities!

The kids in the infinity pool at Club Natale

Group wave (minus Fabi) from our pool

Birthday girl, Fabiola, joins the others in front of the infinity pool

Our private beach at Club Natale

Mauricio & Fabiola head for open waters

Welcome to West Bay, Roatan

God's creation as it should look - West Bay, Roatan

We had the white sands of Roatan almost to ourselves

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pedro needs your help...

Because of  learning, speech, and physical handicaps, caused either by Cerebral Palsy or a severe physical beating as a infant causing a disconnect in his brain, Pedro needs special schooling this year. The last week of this month he will begin attending a Montessori school just a few blocks from our home. Pedro has a severe speech impediment which causes him some insecurities along with his physical and mental impairments. He has very little use of his right arm and right leg and has received two operations to stretch his Achilles tendon since he's lived with us. We believe this new school will greatly benefit Pedro since they will develop a program especially for him based upon his psychologist's report. 

The new school is expensive and we're asking for your help! His initial fees (matriculation, materials, and inscription) were $478; but we've been able to cover all of those. His monthly tuition is $200/month based upon a 12 month schedule. We have $100 of that covered by the pledge of a youth group from Ironside Methodist Church in TN. So, we're asking you to pray and ask God if He would desire you to help us with the other $100/month.  

If God lays this need on your heart you may contact me directly via e-mail at: and we can give several options to send your support for Pedro.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The way it's supposed to look...

Teams from Olathe, KS. and Tellico Plains, TN. come together with our family in San Pedro Sula, Honduras! Brothers and sisters in the same family, baptized by the same Spirit, co-heirs with Jesus!!!