Monday, April 21, 2014

Your prayers


We have been working for 5 years now in an attempt to adopt our children. The government here is so corrupt that at every turn we run into someone who simply outright steals from us or requires another bribe.

Our latest lawyer has made more progress than any of the others and we now have passports for Fabiola, Mauricio, and Angel. The next step is to get permission from IHNFA (Child welfare) and a Judge for the children to leave the country, then we can apply for a U.S. Visa. Our plan is to get these three out and after demonstrating our obedience to return the children to Honduras it will be easier to take the same steps for the other three children. If we can prove that we can leave the country and return without causing any harm to the children then we have a much better chance at getting a Judge to grant us full custody and adoption!

The latest problem is this: tonight I received an e-mail from our lawyer telling me we had to pay the Judge 18,000 limperas per child for her to consider our case! That's 54,000 limperas or approximately $3000.00! We simply don't have it! We are asking you to pray and ask God to kick in these last two doors and if necessary, to provide the funds for these latest bribes. Whether you can give or not, please, please pray!

If you feel led to help defray these costs please send a check to: Wellspring of Life, P.O Box 3027, Plant City, FL 33563 with a note indicating "children's adoption"

Thank you for praying and opening your hearts to the needs of these children