Saturday, October 30, 2010

God blesses...

Today we were able to finish the well in San Luis de Santa Barbara. The well will provide water for a Bible college, a hospital, a missionary family, and a radio station....of course, all glory belongs God!

Brad Foltz a fellow missionary and friend helped us complete the well for Daniel Melton, his family, and their compound. We literally worked until dark and didn't get home until 8:00 p.m., but it is a good tired! Thanks for your prayers!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Mountain drilling/school tests...

Still drilling in the mountains...down to 125' and have some water, but not enough. Need to go to the airport today, so I'll return to more drilling on Sat.

Today Fabi & Mauricio are getting an opportunity to retake some tests they failed last week. The teachers are permitting them to retake the tests since this is the first time they have ever really taken a 'real' test. Fabi is struggling developing the discipline to study with the intent to learn and retain. Right now she does homework to finish...not to learn and it's causing her some problems. She will overcome them, but it will take growing new habits.

The colds and coughs are mostly gone and everyone is back to near normal health. The rains continue on almost a daily basis...not all day, but some everyday. Actually we aren't complaining too much since it keeps the heat down.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nighttime excitement....

Last night after everyone else had gone to bed I was sitting half watching, half vegging out to the TV when some movement caught my attention. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something moving on the wall and turning my head that way I saw the largest black tarantula I've ever seen! It had to be at least 7 inches across and it was slowly making its' way down the wall toward the floor where I sat shoe-less. I got up to get a shoe with which to smash him, but when I looked again it had climbed just far enough behind the TV that I couldn't get a good swing at it.

I needed reinforcements! Rushing upstairs I shook Joyce awake and told her to follow me...once downstairs I got a broom, the bug spray, and told her to stand by. Slowly, carefully, stealthily, I inched toward the desk and the TV, behind which I expected to find our intruder. Gingerly lifting the sheet we used as a cover I peeked in, around, under, and behind the TV and stand; but found nothing. The only place left were the drawers in the stand.

I handed Joyce the broom and told her to get ready...I was sure when I pulled open the proper drawer this nighttime invader would come leaping out at me. One by one I tip-toed up to the drawers and using my lightning quick speed, ripped open the drawers only to find....nothing! Our assailant was nowhere to be found! That would mean going to bed wondering if he would feel the need to venture upstairs!

We made it through the night safely, but still have not located our new friend! You can be sure I look down at my feet much more often than normally and I imagine I can see things moving around my peripheral vision only to find it was nothing. Our hairy friend is lurking somewhere waiting to appear when least expected! Stay tuned........

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Antonio and his ripple effect...

Yesterday Joyce took Antonio to a child 'psychologist' at the request of his child 'psychiatrist'. The new doctor confirmed everything the prior one had diagnosed and made it even clearer that Antonio has serious, serious issues. He agreed that as Antonio gets older and stronger he will continue to get more and more aggressive and his acts will begin to get more and more physically harmful. They tell us that his personality does not allow him continuous satisfaction; he must have new conquests each time to satisfy the urges and lusts of his body. This causes him, or will cause him, to do whatever is necessary to create his next 'high' regardless of what bodily harm it may cause others. For this reason the doctors are telling us we must separate Antonio from the others, particularly in the bedroom...he must have his own bedroom! They also told us we can never leave him alone with the other children for an extended period of time.

The new doctor has prescribed a new depressant medicine for Antonio, but it is difficult because he is epileptic many meds are not suitable for him...and we asked the doctor to be sure we don't end up w/a zombie. The new meds will most likely prolong his bed wetting days as well. The doctor wants to try to help us, but warns us that it will be a very long process. He says it will be two years before he can give us any reliable prognosis for Antonio's adult life...although for now he says it looks very, very bleak. He believes if he isn't able to reverse the mind of Antonio that he will eventually have to be separated from society. Obviously we need all the prayers you can muster for certainly looks like we need a direct intervention from God to save this young man from what the tortures of his early life have done to him.

The other side! Everything takes money as you know: more meds, more doctors (now he will have two appointments/week, one w/a psychiatrist and one w/a psychologist), and the necessity of moving to a house where we can provide a bedroom for Antonio alone. It's tough and we need your help prayerfully and financially.

Reliant upon you and our God,
Bob, Joyce, & Kids

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Status Report....

Today Rosa stayed home from school because of her cold. While here she sneezed and out came a tooth! Wild, huh? All the other kids are still fighting coughs and we changed meds again tonight...can't seem to shake these coughs and phlegm.

We killed a 4' tamgas snake right outside our front door tonight. These snakes are a lime green color and it was entangled in the palm tree outside our door. They are very difficult to spot when in the trees and are said to be deadly. Reportedly you die within two hours if bitten. Fortunately for us our cook was sitting outside and saw the critter sliver across the driveway and into the palm.

I've been hitting the books hard w/Fabi and Mauricio this week as they have testing in every subject. Tonight was English and Bible; we've already done math, Spanish, Science, and have social studies and reading to go yet. I'm getting pretty 'boned' up in 5th grade subjects...tough to stump me now!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sick day continues...

I preached today and afterward I was set to baptize Angel; however, he and Rosa had fevers again this morning and couldn't go to church so it has to be postponed. This afternoon the kids all slept while Fabi & Mauricio studied for a math test on Tues.

Still fighting minor fevers, coughs, some 'runny bottoms'.................

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sick Call....

Today started at 4:30 a.m. checking Angel's temperature which was 103! By 5 we were in the emergency room getting him an IV. After waiting for his temp to go down and getting meds we got home around 7:45. Now everyone is on the meds because they are each developing fevers except Mauricio and Fabi.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Prayer for Antonio...

We continue to take Antonio for sessions w/a child psychologist and the findings are becoming more and more worrisome! As he begins to open up to her he reveals things from his past which you simply would not believe. His sexual deviation is deep, aggressive, violent and according to his doctor will only become worse and more pronounced as he grows! He has already begun to show aggressive and inappropriate behavior toward female students in school. She recommends that we get him on some type of medicine that will suppress his sexual desires!

She has now recommended that we take him to a child psychiatrist for another thorough evaluation and we will make that appointment today. The doctor told Joyce, "Antonio has no conscience!" How is such a thing possible? God created each of us with a conscience, with a soul, with an inner "knowing" of what is right and wrong; so how is it possible that Antonio has no conscience?

Joyce and I firmly believe we are dealing with demonization! With generational curses! We understand that many of you will read this and think we are radicals or extremists, but the Bible tells us that these things exist and that " our warfare is not of flesh and blood, but of strongholds and spiritual powers of darkness...". Why are we so hesitant to believe in demonization when the Bible itself reveals it? We need to stand in prayer against our enemy and his devices...skirting the issue will not help; we must pray! The fact that some of you may not believe in demons or demonization does not make it untrue. Antonio needs the kind of help that can only come from intercessory prayer! Please join us in these prayers for his release!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

You will not believe this....

You all know I had an accident w/the truck a month ago and it has taken forever to get it repaired, but today...finally, Fabi & I picked it up. While driving home the low fuel light came on so I pulled into a service station and told the young man to fill me up with diesel.

He walked to the tank and opened the cover and just stared (I was watching in the mirror). Then he walked to the back of the fender and looked up and down, returning again to look inside the gas cap cover. He just stood there looking mystified. I couldn't believe it! All I wanted was some fuel...was that too much to ask for at the end of a long and frustrating day?

I got out of the truck and walked back to the tank. The young attendant, looking lost, pointed to the cover. I looked in and although I am in no way a mechanic; I quickly discerned the problem! They forgot one little detail in the repair...there was no GAS TANK! Just an empty hole...I swear I'm not making this up!

And that friends, is life in the fast lane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Angel takes a step of faith....

Yesterday Angel got off the school bus and announced to us, "I have Jesus in my heart." When did that happen? "On the school bus!" We asked what he meant and he said, "Jesus is in my heart now."

We asked how he knew that and he replied, "I asked Jesus to come into my heart and He came, and now I need to be baptized!" Is that not awesome?

He did on his own with no one there to prod him or lead him. God spoke to him and he responded...Thank you, Jesus!!!

When we first got the kids we stated it was our desire to see the kids come to know the Lord and be baptized within 5 years...and look at what He's done in a year and a half!

God's number....

Yesterday Joyce picked up the license plates for our new car and the number is:


In reality only one number "7" as in #7 - The Widow's Mite
as in
the number of children left with us,
as in
God's perfect number!

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Winner is....Angel!

Angel was the big winner in school today. He said his memory verse(Luke 1:37) better than the other kids and he won...............................a green pencil! Can you believe it? Oh well, it's a big deal to him.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rains cooling us down...

We've been getting rain everyday for several weeks now and yesterday we actually made it through the day w/o turning on the air conditioners. Getting ready for church this morning and the kids think it's too cool. We've started taking a neighborhood boy w/us to church. His father saw Joyce and I in the mall one day and asked us if we would take him....they're Korean missionaries here and the son speaks we have new addition to our Sunday's.

The girls continue to practice for their dance recital and as it gets closer their excitement does the need to purchase special shoes, and costumes. Mauricio is in his second week of guitar lessons...if the teacher is good and keeps it interesting I think he will do really well.

All of the kids continue to do much better in school and their conduct is getting better almost by the day. Of course their increase comes at a great expense...missing Gershon, Karen, & Jesus. Even though we never hear anything we feel more and more confident that God is caring, protecting, and providing for them. We think we see it through the growth of the other children...don't know if that makes any sense to you, but we feel like it's how God is showing us they are okay.