Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A couple of opportunities to help support our work...

We have a couple of opportunities for any of you who want to help support our work here, but can't do it on a monthly basis. It has become our custom to provide bunk beds for the children whenever we move a family into a new home and currently we have a need for 8 more beds at $325 each.

We also need to purchase approx. 30 more plastic chairs for our church @ approx. $6 each. The church has already procured 25 chairs themselves using our weekly offerings, but now we need more to get ready for our teams this summer. As a point of information our church has also used its' offerings to purchase a tract of land for a homeless family of 6 so we can build a home for them. This body is helping themselves and not looking for constant hand-outs, but we could use some help at this time

If any of you feel led to help us you may send your donation to: Wellspring of Life, P.O. Box 3027, Plant City, FL. 33563 and mark your contribution for "El Doradito".  Thank you in advance!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Sunday Blessings...

This Sunday had some special moments for us as we ministered at our church, Los Discipulos de Jesus, in the village. During our prayer time one of the men asked for prayer for his wife who was ill and couldn't come to church. After the service I went to speak with Roberto (the husband who asked for prayer) and on the way the Lord prompted me to ask if we could go to his house to pray for his wife; and he responded, "yes". I asked Joyce to join us and then on the walk to Saida's house (the sick wife) I asked Joyce to lay hands on her and to pray for her.

When we got there Roberto called Saida to the door and when she stepped out onto the porch I explained that we wanted to pray for her and told her about the passage in James that says, "...the prayer offered in faith will make you well..." Then we all laid hands on her as Joyce prayed and Mauricio translated. It was a wonderful you could feel the presence of God!

After the prayer Saida told Joyce she had a small present for her. She said she meant to give it to her on Mother's Day, but she couldn't make church that day and so she had it in the house. When she came out she had a handmade card for Joyce, but before giving it to her Saida told her the following: "I wanted to make something for you, because I consider you to be the mother of the entire village and I especially consider you to be my spiritual mother." 

Now that by itself is awesome, but here's the kicker! Joyce didn't even know who she was, had never spoken to her other than to say hello; but evidently Saida knew who Joyce was and had been watching her. Joyce often prays during our church services and that's one place Saida would've seen and heard her. She also knows Joyce is working diligently to help the ladies of the village to become self-supportive even though she never attends any of the meeting since she is a teacher. So here's the point....we never know who we're influencing! It was Joyce's demeanor and her character that so impressed Saida! Just when you think you're not being utilized by God He drops a Saida into your life! Remember to exude Jesus...the world is watching!

The other blessing was seeing Fabiola take charge of the teenagers in the village and begin a Bible study session with them while we're having church. She rounds up the kids and takes them to quiet spot on the football (soccer) field where they sit on the grass read the Proverb that corresponds the date of the day. Then they each select their favorite verse and share with the group why they like it. She did this on her own; not at our prompting, but rather at God's! And she has some tough characters in her group and reports that each them is participating in a good way. Five years ago Joyce and I felt God told us to rescue these children, bring them to know the Lord, and turn them into disciples. It's great to watch it happening! Below are a couple of pictures of some of the group...I'll try to get some of Fabi soon.