Monday, February 27, 2012

Exciting new house plans for Buen Esperanza...

This is the old house plan with the bathroom located inside the main house structure. This is a great improvement from the old houses which had no bathrooms at all; however, as you can see it takes space away from the inside of the home. 

After consulting with Cepudo, our Honduran partner, and urging them to do a cost evaluation for placing the bathroom in an annex to the main house they came up with this plan. Again, as you can see, we now have much more space available to the homeowner and we still have a bathroom with a sink, toilet, and shower!  The Wellspring of Life share of the increased cost is only two hundred dollars! So for a little extra stretch we can give the families the option of having a third bedroom or larger living area.

We're also a little looser than we should be sometimes...

Mauricio & Fabiola headed out to "mismatch day" at Good Seed!

Fabiola's "Carmen Miranda" creation for crazy hat day at Good Seed!

We're a football family...Honduran style!

Mauricio's thin, but he's definitely in this to win!

Fabiola, this genteel girl will run you over to get the 'pelota'!

Cesar really loves being a part of a team.

Angel would just as soon chase butterflies!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Capping off our week of birthday celebrations...

Yesterday we "put the icing on the cake" of our week-long birthday celebrations! The entire family rented a cancha (an enclosed, artificial turf, reduced size soccer field). The cancha's are beautiful complete with green artificial turf, white, red, and blue lines painted on them and of course the goals.

We named Mauricio and Fabiola as captains and had them divide the family into two teams: Mauricio, Will, Rosa, & Pedro; the other team was: Fabiola, Joyce, myself, Angel, & Cesar. The game itself was a furious, evenly matched, back & forth battle; albeit, unlike regulation soccer we had to take many times out! Without question the stars were Mauricio, Fabiola, & JOYCE! That's right, the ole' girl proved to be a goalkeeper of unbelievable skill, agility, and tenacity! And then when she moved out into an attack position it was as if she were literally playing against her enemy...don't get in her way!

During the course of the game we only had two minor injuries: Fabiola got kicked in an already bruised leg (from her game on Friday) and Will had the ball hit him in the face and knock off his glasses (you know he didn't get much compassion).

The White Knights! (and Knightesses)

The Orange Crush

Post game photo - you can't tell by the picture but the White Knights and Knighteses won 4-3!

I can tell you that an hour never seemed so long in our lives and that today we are all moving much more gingerly; but it was a great, great family outing! Thank you, Jesus!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Another birthday this week...

On the 17th Joyce joined Cesar in celebrating a birthday this week. You will remember that Cesar turned 9 and Joyce turned....well she just turned! We had a great time as the kids made each made cards for her, we enjoyed an ice cream cake, and she opened some gifts.  Then Joyce and I went on a 'date'! Our first in many years...and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Will stayed with the kids while Joyce and I went out to dinner and then a movie.

This celebration was for the "glue" that holds this family together! If there are Proverbs 31 women walking this earth, then surely Joyce is one of them. Happy Birthday, Joyce!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Cesar turns 9!

On the 14th Cesar marked his 9th birthday and it's amazing to see how much he's grown: physically yes, he's much taller, stronger, and better looking; but spiritually and in his behavior he's surpassed our wildest expectations. Cesar has adapted to his new bi-lingual school with shinning colors and has discovered that it's fun to learn and even fun to obey his teachers...imagine that? And when we conduct our daily bible studies Cesar is the one who often has the most input...he has really grown up to be a genuinely 'nice' kid!
 Happy Birthday Cesar!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Question for you...

Is it sinful if we wish the weekend didn't come because ALL the kids are home ALL DAY LONG?