Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday, June 8, 2012

Senseless tragedy...

Yesterday morning I received a call from the village we're working in telling me one of our core leaders had been murdered and could I come get them and take them to the visitation and funeral. Miquel was one of our best leaders: the sub-director of a very large technical school in San Pedro Sula, a strong Christian, and a father of three young children, ages 10, 5, & 3.

As he walked to work yesterday, holding the hand of his 10 year old son, a car pulled up beside him and a young man stepped out and shot him with a 9mm. He had walked some 500 meters from his home in suburban San Pedro at 7:50 a.m. when tragedy struck.To date no one has come up with any guess as to why this would happen to someone who's so well respected.

We so desperately need God to move here in Honduras and particularly in San Pedro Sula, which was recently named the murder capital of the world. The gangs here are keeping everybody in a constant state of fear, but living that way only ensures that at some point in the future you're likely to lose a family member also. It's time for Christians to help Hondurans reclaim their streets; not through violent protests, but through fervent intercessory prayer! Please set a minute aside and lift this to the Lord on a daily basis, pray for the light of Jesus to penetrate the black hearts of the gangs, and help us to remind them that they, too, are made in His image. If Honduras is to be saved then we must rescue gang members from the bondage Satan has them under. This is truly setting the captives free!!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Bringing home the medals in the spelling bee...

Today was the school-wide spelling bee at the kids school and the Coder kids cleaned up: Angel won first place in his class, Mauricio second in his class, and Pedro brought home a third place in his class!
Great job guys!!!

Yours truly was the "Alex Trebek" of the day; pronouncing the words and judging correct or incorrect!