Friday, August 23, 2013

Beginning to see the Fruit...

Last week when I had another near trip to the emergency room (it was aborted when the pain began to subside on the way there) Fabi called the village and asked them to pray for me. Later Carlos, from the village, called and told me they had all been praying for me and how excited they were to hear that I was not in the hospital. I told him their prayers were powerful, and then he told me:

"You don't have to worry as much about us anymore. The seeds you planted in us are beginning to take root and not all of us, but some of us, are 'getting it' and we now KNOW how to move forward on our own! Now we know we can do things for ourselves and solve problems by working together, and we know for sure that God cares about us."

What a great blessing this is for all of us who have worked in El Doradito, who have supported the work in El Doradito, and who have prayed for El Doradito!

Our village has now progressed to the point that others are beginning to take notice of this 'new family'! Last week the alcalde (mayor) of San Manuel, their district, sent 17 dump truck loads of 'select' (material for roads) and a grader to level the material! We now have REAL STREETS! Hopefully I won't be pulling any more dump trucks out of the mud!

Then this week, Cepudo, our Honduran NGO partner in El Doradtio, used their contacts to secure 150 trees to be planted in the village. Yesterday I picked up fruit trees and ornamental trees which will be planted throughout the village this weekend!

A year and a half ago this was a field with a dozen or so stick/tin/mud shacks with dirt floors scattered about the field. Today we are a village of 37 homes with running water and electricity, streets, greenhouses, a herd of sheep, soon to have 150 newly planted trees, and a church/community center! I wish I could show you aerial photos of before and after, because the transformation through God is truly remarkable. I pray this blesses all of you who have been a part of this work and that it encourages you to stay with us and to bring some of your friends alongside as well!

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